Benanti, Save the Date! Il calendario eventi negli USA

Benanti, Save the Date! Il calendario eventi negli USA
20 Gennaio 2016 Francesco Pensovecchio

Save the dates! Benanti’s next promoting activities in the USA

January-February 2016


January 17 / 19 – San Francisco (CA)
Ian D’Agata’s Executive Wine Seminar on Etna, “Volcanic Magic”, featuring Benanti wines among others during Vinitaly International Academy at the Winter Fancy Food Show 2016

January 27, 2016 – Los Angeles (CA)
Our wines will be poured by Lyra Fine Wine Imports at SLOW WINE US tour 2016

Jan 25 / 30 in Saint Louis (MO), Columbia (MO) and Kansas City (KS)
Agatino Failla with our importer and distributor Tavolo Vigneto, LLC

February 1, 2016 – Austin (TX)
Our wines will be poured by Agnation with our future importer and distributor Victory Wine Group at Slow Wine US tour 2016.

Feb 3 / 7 Feb in Atlanta (GA)
Agatino with our importer Tuscan Vineyard Imports, LLC

Feb 8 / 14 in Miami (FL)
Agatino with our importer and distributor Vigneti D’Italia


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