Colombin, the new Cork A.R.T. selection

Colombin, the new Cork A.R.T. selection
24 April 2018 assovini2

Colombin is partner of Assovini Sicilia, Sicilia en Primeur 2018


The attention of enologists and closures’ manufacturers is usually focused on the reduction of TCA, the main responsible for “cork taint”. For this reason Colombin has implemented a new system for the treatment of natural cork closures and discs, which is the result of a long‐term research. It is the innovative Cork A.R.T. Process – acronym of Abatement Revolutionary Treatment – based on the use of flowing steam to obtain a considerable reduction of TCA content and other non‐neutral molecules in the raw cork. This process represents the starting point for the creation of a new high quality range – the “Cork A.R.T. selection” whose products are submitted to the thermic process under pressure and then selected individually in order to guarantee the total absence of TCA.

ColombinAnother major topic for Colombin is the Hygiene Safety guarantee of the production process. That’s the reason why the Company has recently obtained the ISO 22000:2005 Certificationthanks to some investments on the structural, documental and training upgrade like, for example, new innovative machineries for sterilization and humidification of cork stoppers, ionizers for a better quality of the air in the production area, a renovation of the printing, lubrication and packaging warehouse and, last but not least, a complete training of the staff.

The ISO 22000:2005 Certification has been carried out on a voluntary basis as an evidence of awareness and attention about the manufacturer process. This certification comes just after other certifications like the Kosher and the Vegan ones: Colombin has understood the importance of providing a range of product dedicated exclusively to the vegan wines and has become the first cork company to be Vegan certified.

For over one hundred years, Colombin has combined together tradition, technology and research in creating natural and versatile corks, the perfect closure that respects the qualities unique to each wine. So many things have changed since, in the late 1800s, Giovanni Maria Colombin launched his enterprise in Trieste. But his passion and his commitment have remained unaltered over all these years, since those same virtues have been passed down from generation to generation, right to the present. Since today, just as then, Colombin selects only the finest raw cork, utilises the most advanced equipment, and subjects every step of its production to official certification, all with the goal of creating the most innovative corks, made from raw material unequalled in absolute quality and functionality, and always in the fullest respect for the environment. For all these reasons, Colombin is the sector leader in Italy in production and sales of corks, and is active in 34 other countries across the globe.