Etna, unforgettable excursions

Etna, unforgettable excursions
20 February 2016 Francesco Pensovecchio

Etna, unforgettable excursions

(photo: Etna guides, Guglielmo and Lorenzo)


With its 3.444 mt. heights and its lunar landscapes, Mount Etna is a perfect setting for unforgettable excursions. Etna Finder leads you through the discovery of Mt. Etna, the highest Active Volcano in Europe, Unesco World Heritage Site.

Expert guides will take you beyond road’s. You will walk on the edge of extinct volcanic craters, exploring hidden caves and climbing up ancient lava flows. A mix of emotions for every taste. Etna Finder organize personalized tours through the deepest secrets of the Volcano.

Languages: Italian, French and English

Optional: Spanish, Germany, Russian, Polish


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