Mount Etna. Palmento Costanzo’s brilliant but obvious solution: Columbus’ egg

Mount Etna. Palmento Costanzo’s brilliant but obvious solution: Columbus’ egg
5 February 2016 Francesco Pensovecchio

Palmento Costanzo’s brilliant but obvious solution –  Columbus’ egg

Mount Etna – Passopisciaro


Part of the township of Castiglione di Sicilia and located between Randazzo and Linguaglossa, some 2300 feet (700 meters) above sea level, Passopiscaro is special site for the wines of Mount Etna. The territory is marked by various sciare, or the solidified lava flows from past eruptions of Etna, which have given the place its name,  “passu pi sciare”, the pass of the lava flows. But it is most distinguished by a unique terroir, one which changes virtually yard by yard, and by the fact that this small spot contains a very significant number of the  volcano‘s most important vineyards, perhaps the largest number of all. Palmento Costanzo is both a cellar and Mimmo and Valeria Costanzo’s project aimed at recovering and restoring to active life a palmento (the former Palmento Santo Spirito, to be precise), the  traditional Sicilian structure for pressing and fermenting grapes. The project consists of close to 33 acres (13.5 hectares) of movingly beautiful terraced vineyards and an old stone farmhouse. The vineyards were planned and planted by Salvo Foti’s Vigneri; among the consultants are biologist Galen Abbott and winemaker Donato Lanati, two names which indicate that organic wine is direction the project intends to take. The cellar and the other buildings have been readapted and splendidly restructured and restored by Tuscan architect Michele Giannetti of the Dalpiaz-Giannetti studio of Hamburg. Bianco di Sei and Nero di Sei are the labels of the two major wines; Sei, or “six” in Italian, refers to the sixth Sicilian  site on the UNESCO World Heritage list, Mount Etna to be precise. Upon entering into the cellars, it is impossible not to be struck by the incredible egg-shaped fermentation tanks commissioned by Donato Lanati.  The new vintage of these DOC Etna wines were presented at the merino International Wine Festival in November of 2015.

Palmento Costanzo
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