Planeta’s La Foresteria re-opens and also the food becomes a “journey”

Planeta’s La Foresteria re-opens and also the food becomes a “journey”
24 March 2016 Francesco Pensovecchio

Planeta’s La Foresteria re-opens and also the food becomes a “journey”

With the re-opening of La Foresteria for the 2016 season, the Planeta family’s wine resort at Menfi, the Restaurant – which is also open to non-residents and is by now a highlight of the area – will experiment with further evolutions.

La Foresteria, entrusted to the care of chef Angelo Pumilia, has established itself with contemporary sicilian cuisine well rooted in the territory, performing with great care according to tradition and inspired to explore and innovate.  Apart from the à la carte menu, the proposals with Casa Planeta recipes as chief contributors will be continued and those of the seasons, Spring in this case, will also be important.  Guests will continue to find dishes by now representative of La Foresteria’s cuisine, such as ‘spaghetti al Kamarino’, ‘l’uovo del cavaliere’, a delicate poached egg accompanied by a potato purèe with DOP Val di Mazara extra-virgin olive oil (naturally Planeta’s), and Casa Planeta’s fish soup, rich and intense, with Sicilian fish together with shellfish and enriched with spaghetti pieces.

The novelty this year will be the introduction of a menu devoted to the Journey, through taste, surprise and experiment.  The journey as prescription, daily entrusted to the chef, to his inspiration, to the seasons, garden-fresh, and with thanks to an ever more attentive selection of the best raw materials from the island’s excellent producers.  Eight dishes, with ‘tasters’ in the intervals, ‘inspired by the intention of offering the essence of Sicily in a single mouthful’ explains Pumilia, will make the tasting a procedure outside traditional planning.  It will be considered as a diversion for the palate, recalling the impressions of travelling through regions and meeting people, also through the use of selected ingredients, including the simplest and most popular.  ‘According to the season, the selection of ingredients, freshness, the study of interesting experiences, whatever is precious and pleasant to offer to our clients’ consolidates the co-ordinates of La Foresteria’s cuisine according to the chef.  This study of an ever closer and more intimate relationship with each client will direct the chef in making some dishes ‘interactive’; ‘We experimented last year with one of our ‘musts’, ‘spaghetti with Kamarino tomatoes’, re-establishing one of our most typical and traditional dishes; we permitted each client to complete it according to their own taste and curiosity, providing for each one separately a series of complementary ingredients.  We will continue the practice with new dishes, thanks to the co-operation of the dining room’.  Among other novelties will also be a choice of bread, a black bread from Castelvetrano baked in a wood oven according to tradition, using the chef’s recipe, and the lunch menu; a small menu with traditional dishes and tastings from the dinner menu.

Easter is already planned as one of the special events, for which the Director of La Foresteria Cristina Gionfriddo has prepared a special travel package including a specific offering prepared by the Restaurant; in this case well established in the Casa Planeta tradition, with unforgettable dishes such Timballo in a ricotta crust, Lamb with lemon, and Sicilian sweets.

‘The cuisine takes on an ever greater importance in the context of our hospitality’ declares Francesca Planeta.  ‘By now it is an established part of the context in which we have defined the ‘Planeta world’, adding to the sum of the experiences we wish to offer our guests, naturally primarily through wine but at the same time through everything that surrounds it and defines its identity through its territory; cooking of course, and local products, beginning with our olive oil, and then nature, history and culture.  Our ideas for hospitality, which find their greatest expression at La Foresteria, have been considered in the light of helping us to interpret a Sicily which always wishes to show itself completely and at its best.

Menfi, March 2016

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“l’uovo del Cavaliere”