Assovini Sicilia is the association of Sicilian winemakers that brings together over 91 wine companies to promote the quality of Sicilian wine around the world.  What links our members is love and passion for Sicily, and an awareness that the Sicilian wine territories represent unique value in the Italian, European and international wine markets.

At Assovini Sicilia, small, medium, and large companies coexist and operate – regardless of size. Each member, with its own profile and entrepreneurial history, contributes to the achievement of common objectives to strengthen the “Assovini Sicilia” brand as a full expression that unites our history, territories, grape varieties, and terroir.

Assovini Sicilia, in collaboration with its partners, is committed to:

• Make Sicilian wine and its distinctive characteristics known to the world, as well as to Italy;

• Promote high-quality viticulture from a mosaic of territories;

• Strengthen the territorial identity while enhancing the nature of the different terroirs;

• Unite entrepreneurs in pursuing common goals, starting with product quality;

• Build a wine system recognized by core institutions, and to engage in institutional dialog.

• Define and develop digital marketing strategies to promote Sicilian wine to the world.


From the vineyard to the bottle, control of our wine production chain follows detailed requirements in order to produce quality wines.  Our associated companies produce about 900 labels, from which more than 80% of the value of bottled Sicilian wine is generated. 95% of the companies produce D.O.C wines, and exports represent over 50% of sales — reaching over one hundred countries.  

The European market is the first destination of Sicilian wines (45% of sales), followed by the American market (31% of sales), the Asian market (16%), Oceania (6%) and Africa (2%). Traditional markets such as Germany, Switzerland, England, Japan, USA, Canada and Russia are now joined by emerging ones such as Brazil, China, South Korea and South East Asia.



  • 91 member companies, with a combined income of over 300 million euros.
  • President: Laurent Bernard de la Gatinais, Tenuta Rapitalà
  • Board of Directors:
    Lilly Ferro, Casa Vinicola Fazio (vice president)
    Michele Faro, Pietradolce
    Achille Alessi, Terre di Giurfo
    Giovanna Caruso, Caruso & Minini
    Mariangela Cambria, Cottanera
    José Rallo, Donnafugata
    Federico Lombardo of Monte Iato, Firriato
    Alberto Tasca, Tasca d’Almerita
  • Collegio dei Revisori
    Prof. Francesco Sesti
    Dott. Antonio Coglitore
    Dott. Giovanni Castellese



Diego Planeta, Giacomo Rallo and Lucio Tasca d’Almerita create the association. A team of winemakers, from large to small, begins to share the same goal: introducing themselves to the market and increasing awareness of the importance of Sicilian wines among key institutions.


"Sicilia en Primeur" is created as an event meant to combine the need to communicate the quality of the last harvest and the quality of the wines about to be introduced in the market. The first year’s event was based in Palermo, but since 2007 has been itinerant throughout Sicily.


Having built its image on the domestic market, Assovini Sicilia sets out to conquer the global market by organizing and participating in promotional events abroad such as the O.C.M. wine program for third countries.


With President Antonio Rallo, co-owner of Donnafugata, Assovini Sicilia changes its generation. Promotional activities also begin in EU countries through the EU program PSR Sicily.


Assovini Sicilia is part of the promoting committee of D.O.C. Sicilia, and contributes to the establishment of the Consortium for the Protection of Sicilian D.O.C. Wines.


Francesco Ferreri, co-owner of the Valle dell’Acate company, is elected President.


Assovini Sicilia takes part at Expo 2015 as the main partner of the Sicilian Region.


WineinSicily.com is launched, the webzine about wine and tourism published by Assovini Sicilia.


Alessio Planeta is elected president, Mariangela Cambria vice-president, Laurent Bernard de la Gatinais, Michele Faro, Francesco Ferreri, Lilly Ferro, Federico Lombardo di Monte Iato, Josè Rallo, Alberto Tasca d’Almerita are the councilors.


Assovini Sicilia organizes Vinitaly 2018 for its associated companies.


Assovini Sicilia inaugurates its new and prestigious headquarters, the center of action of its activities and the driving force of all the promotion initiatives of the association and its associates - which, in the meantime, have become 90.


Assovini Sicilia organizes an international web event due to the global lockdown related to Covid-19. Assovini Sicilia invites all the participants of the XVII edition of Sicily en primeur on the Zoom platform for a "Global Webinar" Mr Laurent Bernard de la Gatinais, the owner of Tenute Rapitalà, was elected President. The following members are part of the Board of Directors: Mr Achille Alessi, Ms Mariangela Cambria, Ms Giovanna Caruso, Mr Michele Faro, Ms Lilly Ferro, Mr Federico Lombardo di Monte Iato, Ms Josè Rallo, Mr Alberto Tasca. Assovini Sicilia, together with the Consorzio Vini Sicilia Doc, participates in the foundation of Fondazione SOStain Sicilia.nded by 207 people.

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